Moncler Fashion – Well Known In The Circuit

Moncler has had an equivalent success in almost all the markets that it is operating in. But, what has helped it come to this stage where it stands big as one of the best known brands that anybody could think of. Especially, if the subject or theme of the dresses is going to be winter wear no other brand can give this brand a run for the money. Obviously, it is second to none in offering comfort plus style at a price that is highly affordable Accolades and achievements like these have given a clear signal to the brand that it has to do its best in doing what it has been known for. So, what is that which makes Moncler a well-known brand among all sects of people one could imagine?

Moncler has made effective use of the opportunities it had and got on its way to its peak. It’s progress was facilitated and headed by a team of designers who got famed after launching a range of designs including the Branson jackets, Gamme Rouge line etc. They had seen a great scope for growth in this brand and that is why they decided to work with such a powerhouse in fashion. The rest is history and the whole world knows about how the brand and the designers got the much-needed recognition mutually. Whatever be the trend in the market, Moncler was always cautious enough to stick to its own line of products, a trait which have made people realize the uniqueness in it. If you could compare and contrast all that was released by Moncler all over the world, it is the blend of colours, designs and stylish patterns that brought constant success

A feather in the hat of this Moncler brand is its reach. Even celebrities from various fields have shown their interest in buying the latest merchandise of this brand that hits the world of fashion. Is not this a valid reason for you to look at this brand a touch more curiously? I think it is one. So, make sure you buy one of the best designs of the Moncler fashion brand. By doing so, you can rest assured that a lot of heads turn your side. In any case, you chose to remain distinct by doing something which many out there would not be doing this winter – withstanding the chillness of the season with designer clothes that keep you warm and help you set a trend that everybody would like to follow.

The Development of the Down Jacket

From the zhou dynasty onwards, Chinese people used the bird’s feather and beast’s fur to make clothes, which called plumage. It is not unique, but it has its counterpart.

In han dynasty people made clothes by the yak hair. In tang dynasty people took goose furry as the flocculent material. The down jacket has been popular in China since the 1980s. At that time the standard of the shell fabric as well as the processing level is not high. Design styles were compare drab. The content of cashmere was low while the quantity of filler was cheesy. What’s worse, the appearance was unsightly. Thus the down jacket was named as bread jacket. As the craft and technology progressing, the down jacket has become a crucial component in the fashion area, which has become the indispensable items of the daily living equipment in the winter. The development tendency of the down jacket manifested in four ways: fashionization, casualization, personalization, athleticization.


The down jacket will become the mainstream of the fashion tendency. The better the living conditions, the higher the people’s pursuit of beauty. As the weather become warmer in recent years and the circumstances of entertainment places be more and more comfortable, keeping warm is no longer people sole purpose of dressing down jacket. As for the production technology, the down jacket can already be soft and warm. People more and more are particular about body their figures today. Thus the unique texture, which other clothing cannot be compared, catering to the tastes of most people.


The down jacket tend to be more leisure, thus opening a broad space on the fashion area. As for the attire people pay more stress on the variety and comfort. Leisure clothing reflect that people enjoy a better life of optimism and comfort. The leisure clothing embody the free, easy, comfort, optional and relax.


The sportswear-like down jacket will become the new favourite in winter. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the national sports will become a hot social life style. Sports are going to be popular among mass people, which will bring sportswear consumption to a climax. Among all the functions, the sports function will be more outstanding. People will pay more attention to the down coats, especially the down jackets which are suitable for running, skiing, skating, ice hockey.


The down jackets which with distinctive characteristics will become unconventional and unorthodox. One of the distinctive characters of the new-century consumers is that they stress the personality most. The down jackets are no exception. Such as his-and-hers-jackets, the mother-and-child-jackets are particularly popular. With the improvement of the technology, the down jacket will be more attractive and comfortable in the future. May you like it!

Guidelines on Jacket Selection

Jackets originated in the Nordic and Eskimo national costumes. Initially jacket was made of leather. It was used to waterproof keep from snow, windbreak. Nowadays, the material that the jackets made of is no longer limited to natural leather, a variety of material, such as man-made leather, corduroy, flannel, woolen, washed silk, sand wash pure silk and chemical fiber cloth etc can all be used to produce the jacket, and jacket style can also be very rich.

When choosing a jacket, firstly, we should choose different style according to our size.

To fat people, they can choose the jacket with a collar shaped like “V” and a single-breasted style, which makes the wearer’s shoulder looks shorter, neck looks longer. If fat women choose the jacket with only one thread or break, it will highlight their tips, wonder their body line, which makes them appear slim and delicate

For a short man, he should pay attention to the relative concise. He should choose the jacket whose collar is not too big, the front adornment should not be too complex. Otherwise, it will make the figure appears shorter.

For the tall and thin men, if they wear a marsupial tongue patch pocket jacket, they can appear more dignified and strong.

Secondly, we can choose jackets of different color according to our shape.

If your figure is thick and fat, it is appropriate to choose one with cold tonal, which gives others the felling that you are full of youthful vitality and strong.

Secondly, if your figure is thin and tall, choosing a warm-colored jacket can make you appear strong.

In addition, as choosing and buying other clothing, when choosing and buying a jacket, you should also pay attention to its size and quality. Usually, jacket is shorter than suit. The length of the jacket is where your wrist reaches when you stand with natural posture. Here are some tips to identify a jacket’s quality from its appearance.

A: The clothes is put in right order, neat and tidy. Each part of the ironing is soothe, no seriously ironed sign, no smudgy and thrum.

B: If fabrics has obvious bar lattice above 1cm, it requires that the strip material should be straight, horizontal material should be horizontal. mutual difference between symmetric should not be more than 0.3 cm; mutual difference between horizon should be less than 0.4 cm.

C: It requires that the systemic towards of Inverse woolen fabrics should be consistent.

D: Check sewing quality: each part lines shall be straight, neat, firm, tense-lax appropriate. Breaking and continuous needle jumping are not allowed. Keyhole should be in accurate location and the size should be appropriate. Scalloped flaps should be tidy and firm. Each part of the knot should be set in accurate position, and it should be solid and smooth.

E: The quality, color and luster of the secondary material should be adapted to the material. Zippers should be smooth, tightness of the smashing buttons should be appropriate.